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The psychological autopsy research method provides detailed information about a suicide using various sources including, coroners' reports, medical records and information gathered from interviews with key informants. The purpose of this article is to discuss the ethical issues that arose when undertaking a psychological autopsy study in Manchester, UK. The(More)
This article presents findings from a survey of the experiences of child protection workers in England when working with parents who exhibit aggression and violence. This work explores the effects on workers in their professional lives, and on themselves and their families in their private lives. The article examines workers’ thoughts and experiences about(More)
What do we know with certainty about the life of Masud Khan? Khan was born in 1924 in the Punjab, the second son of a marriage that united an elderly Shiite Muslim father who had acquired power and wealth in the service of the British and a bride who was still in her teens. Khan apparently suffered a depression during his adolescence and was treated by a(More)
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