Judy Che

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There has been a great deal of interest in whether animals use trait symmetry as a visual cue to mediate behavioural interactions. In bilaterally symmetric traits, small asymmetries (termed uctuating asymmetry) appear due to increased developmental stress and/or genes for poor developmental homeostasis. Hence, researchers have hypothesized that symmetry can(More)
Balinese rice terraces (Wikipedia.org) rice terrace (commons.wikimedia.org) Balinese water temple (Wikipedia.org) During the 1960s, an agricultural revolution was underway: the Green Revolution. As a result of adopting modern agricultural practices, developing countries were witnessing spectacular increases in cereal crop yields. These practices included(More)
1 Balinese rice terraces (Wikipedia.org) rice terrace(commons.wikimedia.org) Balinese water temple (Wikipedia.org) Authors' note: We are interested in improving this case and in tracking its use. We welcome any comments on the use of this case, suggestions to improve it, and basic information about how it was used. Please contact Dr. Cynthia Wei at(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS After having spent 5 years at Georgia Tech completing my undergraduate degree and my master's degree, my time at Tech is finally coming to a close. I have grown tremendously as an individual and an intellectual, and I couldn't have done so without the invaluable help and support of many different people. First and foremost, I would like to(More)
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