Judy Bailey

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Fertilization of the sea urchin egg results in a transient decline in the amount of phosphatidylinositol (PI) to a level equal to about 50% of that present in the unfertilized egg. This response begins as early as 15 seconds after insemination. The level of PI reaches a minimum at 30 seconds post-insemination, and returns to the original value between 2 and(More)
We aimed to develop and evaluate a prioritisation process to combine the evidence base with stakeholder involvement within a stroke programme for a Health Improvement Programme (HImP). Implementation involved: formation of a district stroke group (DSG); review of the evidence; survey of DSG members; survey of other key professionals; consensus within the(More)
Preparing to become an effective primary school mathematics teacher is a challenging and complex task; and is influenced by one’s past experiences, personal knowledge of, and beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics. This paper examines the experiences of a small group of pre-service teachers who did not pass their first year mathematics education course.(More)
Two nursing professors from a small Canadian university provided a leadership role in a curriculum review of an environmental health technology program in Zambia. The combined health and education experience of these two professionals was the optimal fit to help guide and facilitate the curriculum review. This review was part of a larger project that had(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the Mobile Information Software Evaluation Tool (MISET) with a sample of Canadian undergraduate nursing students (N = 240). METHOD Psychometric analyses determined how well the MISET assessed the extent that nursing students find mobile device-based information resources useful and supportive of learning in the clinical and(More)