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Edleson 1999a) has suggested that levels of family violence have remained relatively constant over time, and that it is not so much the incidence of violence that has changed, rather that its level of visibility has shifted with the 'ebb-and-flow pattern of concern about family violence' (1988:2, as cited in Edleson 1999a:839) and the ever-expanding(More)
PURPOSE Malnutrition and chronic inflammation in dialysis patients negatively impacts prognosis. However, intervening to correct this problem (through nutritional supplementation) is often hampered by poor compliance due to both medical and socioeconomic barriers. We have therefore performed a pilot study to investigate the technical feasibility of(More)
PURPOSE Chronic hemodialysis patients experience accelerated atherosclerosis contributed to by dyslipidemia, inflammation, and an impaired antioxidant system. Vitamin E tocotrienols possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, the impact of dietary intervention with Vitamin E tocotrienols is unknown in this population. PATIENTS AND(More)
the first half of the twentieth century the patronage of eminent practitioners and academics was commonly deemed sufficient to ensure the development and funding of interventions to improve health and wellbeing and/or to reduce social ills (Crouch 1998). The 1960s heralded not only the modern 're-discovery' of child abuse via Kempe and colleagues' work on(More)
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