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Tooth morphology and prey preference of Mesozoic marine reptiles
ABSTRACT The large reptilian marine predators of the Mesozoic preyed upon pelagic animals such as bony fish, sharks, soft cephalopods, belemnoids, ammonoids, and even each other. All hadExpand
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Swimming capabilities of Mesozoic marine reptiles: implications for method of predation
Body shape and mode of swimming were major factors that affected the swimming capabilities of Mesozoic marine reptiles. By estimating the total drag and the amount of energy available throughExpand
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The affinities and ecology of Triassic ichthyosaurs
The resolution of the problem of ichthyosaurian affinities has been complicated and prolonged by an emphasis on the morphology of Jurassic ichthyosaurs, some 30 to 40 m.y. younger than the earliestExpand
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Shastasaurus altispinus (Ichthyosauria, Shastasauridae) from the Upper Triassic of the El Antimonio District, northwestern Sonora, Mexico
New specimens of Shastasaurus altispinus Merriam are recognized from the Upper Triassic Antimonio Formation in the El Antimonio district of northwestern Sonora, Mexico. This represents the firstExpand
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