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The objective was to identify, in primary prevention, patients whose "required risk reduction" (ReqRR) is greater than the "achievable risk reduction" (ARR) that cholesterol-lowering or antihypertensive medication could provide. Individualized estimates of 10-year coronary heart disease or stroke risk were derived for 66 hypercholesterolemic (HC) and 64(More)
Serum levels of total sulphated and total unsulphated lithocholates were each measured by a specific radioimmunoassay in 66 patients ingesting chenodeoxycholic (chenic) acid for gallstone dissoultion and in 35 gallstone patients ingesting either cholic acid or placebo. No changes occurred in serum lithocholate levels in the control groups. In patients(More)
Chi-square and logistic stepwise multiple regression analysis of perinatal determinants of infant bacterial infection following prolonged rupture of amniotic membranes for 24 hours or more prior to delivery was applied in 33 infected infants and 66 matched control infants from the NINCDS Collaborative Project. In order of statistical significance, the most(More)
To evaluate the relative importance of genital and gastrointestinal carriage of group B streptococci, repeated semiquantitative and qualitative cultures were obtained from 64 patients during pregnancy. Carriage was documented in 20% of the women at the first visit, in 41% of the women cumulatively, and at 24% of 295 visits. Group B streptococci were(More)
Patient and health care provider evaluations are critical in establishing the accuracy and usability of new blood glucose meter systems. The objective of our study was to evaluate the clinical performance and ease of use of a blood glucose meter that uses a 10-test disk (Ascensia Breeze meter system, Bayer Healthcare LLC, Elkhart, IN). Meter capillary blood(More)
A sensitive, rapid radioimmunoassay for sulfated species of lithocholic acid (sulfolithocholyglycine, sulfolithocholyltaurine, and sulfolithocholic acid) was developed and used to measure the total concentration of sulfated lithocholates in serum from healthy human subjects. Sulfolithocholylglycine was conjugated to bovine serum albumin by a carbodiimide(More)
A simple, rapid, precise radioimmunoassay for total unsulfate species of lithocholate (lithocholyglycine, lithocholyltaurine, and lithocholate) in serum is described. Antiserum was raised in rabbits by injection of lithocholylglycine coupled to bovine serum albumin (prepared by a carbodiimide method) and emulsified in complete Freund's adjuvant; antisera(More)
Ophthalmopathy is an integral component of Graves' disease. It usually appears at the same time as hyperthyroidism, and is characterized by proptosis (exophthalmos), periorbital and conjunctival edema, eye muscle dysfunction, and on occasion corneal ulceration or optic neuropathy. Graves' ophthalmopathy, like Graves' hyperthyroidism, is an autoimmune(More)
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