Judithe Sheard

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1 Monash University, Australia email: martin.dick, judy.sheard}@csse.monash.edu.au 2 Olivet Nazarene University, USA email: cbareiss@olivet.edu 3 University of Kent at Canterbury, UK email: j.e.carter@ukc.ac.uk 4 UNITEC Institute of Technology, New Zealand email: djoyce@unitec.ac.nz 5 Kettering University, USA email: tharding@kettering.edu 6 Rose-Hulman(More)
This paper reports on an Action Research project that investigated the effect of introducing a number of Extreme Programming (XP) practices as teaching techniques to introductory programming students. The focus of the study was on using the XP practices to assist students in an introductory programming subject develop object oriented programming skills,(More)
There is a large body of research that indicates the practice of cheating amongst students in the tertiary sector is widespread. Various studies have also attempted to determine reasons why students decide to cheat, or not to cheat. Although some common factors have been identified, there are indications that the level of cheating varies across disciplines(More)
A study of cheating and plagiarism using a scenario based format, has provided an insight into attitudes towards questionable work practices of first year information technology students' within the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering of Monash University, and the School of Information Technology of Swinburne University. Students at both(More)
Web-based learning environments are now used extensively as integral components of course delivery in tertiary education. To provide an effective learning environment, it is important that educators understand how these environments are used by their students. In conventional teaching environments educators are able to obtain feedback on student learning(More)
This paper presents a preliminary analysis of research papers in computing education. While previous analysis has explored what research is being done in computing education, this project explores how that research is being done. We present our classification system, then the results of applying it to the papers from all five years of ICER. We find that(More)
This paper examines the attitudes of students in the Masters of Information Technology, Honours Degree in the Bachelor of Computing and Graduate Diploma of Computing at Monash University. Students were surveyed on the acceptability of a variety of scenarios involving cheating and on their knowledge of the occurrence of these scenarios. The survey found a(More)
With the growth in popularity of the object-oriented paradigm, the Department of Software Development at Monash University decided, two years ago, to teach object-oriented programming to the introductory programming students. The first year programming subjects were completely restructured and rewritten. It was decided to introduce the objectoriented(More)