Judith Wierdsma

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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether an internet based, nurse led vascular risk factor management programme promoting self management on top of usual care is more effective than usual care alone in reducing vascular risk factors in patients with clinically manifest vascular disease. DESIGN Prospective randomised controlled trial. SETTING Multicentre trial(More)
Background: Vascular risk factors are often poorly managed. A multifactor approach with the aid of nurse practitioners (NPs) is more beneficial for achieving treatment goals of risk factors than achieved with usual care in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Objective: In the SPAIN pilotstudy, we want to implement and test a secure personalized(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term medication use in patients with chronic kidney disease is necessary to prevent further kidney damage. Medication adherence is positively influenced by high self-efficacy ratings. AIM To determine if by discussing self-efficacy scores, leads to higher self-efficacy scores, regarding long-term medication use by patients with chronic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the cost-effectiveness of an internet-based, nurse-led vascular risk factor management programme in addition to usual care compared with usual care alone in patients with a clinical manifestation of a vascular disease. DESIGN Cost-effectiveness analysis alongside a randomised controlled trial (the Internet-based vascular Risk factor(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the feasibility of a web-based coaching programme for vascular risk factor treatment, to describe the patterns of use and to measure changes in risk factors. METHODS Patients with a clinical manifestation of arterial disease and Internet access were asked to participate in the nurse-led Internet-based risk factor management(More)
BACKGROUND Preserving kidney function and prevention of cardiovascular disease can only be achieved if patients are supported in self-managing their disease aimed at developing coping strategies. OBJECTIVES In MASTERPLAN, a clinical trial from 2005 -2010, patients with chronic kidney disease were randomised to receive nurse practitioner (NP) support or(More)
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