Judith Wagner DeCew

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The most important and interesting of the paradoxes of standard deontic logic (SDL)2 indicate that SDL is inadequate for expressing statements of conditional obligation. Peter L. Mott has argued [ 121 that a standard deontic logic augmented with counterfactual conditionals can solve the most well known of these paradoxes presented by Chishohn in [4]. In(More)
This paper begins with a discussion of the value of privacy,especially for medical records in an age of advancing technology.I then examine three alternative approaches to protection ofmedical records: reliance on governmental guidelines, the useof corporate self-regulation, and my own third hybrid view onhow to maintain a presumption in favor of privacy(More)
I begin with a discussion of the value of privacy and what we lose without it. I then turn to the difficulties of preserving privacy for genetic information and other medical records in the face of advanced information technology. I suggest three alternative public policy approaches to the problem of protecting individual privacy and also preserving(More)
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