Judith V Torney-Purta

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Civic education and its role in democracy have a new place on the agendas of many European countries. Increasing globalisation economically and politically, along with threats to the traditional bases of citizenship, increasingly complex political issues such as environmental or immigration policy, and the fading of wellaccepted narratives of country or(More)
A short-term longitudinal design and the probabilistic latent class method of analysis were used to study the development of young children's understanding of death. 99 first and second graders were interviewed individually in the fall and spring. The results support the notion that the subconcepts of death--irreversibility, cessation, causality, and(More)
After a brief history of the Committee on International Relations of the American Psychological Association, 3 points are made about international psychological research that matters. First, it matters when the definition of the research problem area and the findings can potentially be reflected in policy change, in the practice of educators or(More)
Unaccompanied Indochinese refugee adolescents resettled in the United States with ethnic foster families were significantly less depressed and had higher grade-point averages than those in foster care with Caucasian families or in group homes. The ongoing presence of an adult of similar ethnicity to the adolescent appeared to mitigate against the stress of(More)
For centuries cross-cultural comparisons have contributed to attempts to understand human behavior (Herodotus being an often-quoted early example). Specialized journals for publishing cross-cultural psychological studies have been in existence for less than 20 years, however. The founding of the International Journal of Psychology took place in 1966. The(More)
The last 6 decades of empirical research on civic engagement among young people living in democracies and of the recognition of international human rights have seen the achievement of many milestones. This article focuses on some connections between these 2 areas and examines the ways in which everyday settings such as neighborhoods and the schools that(More)
Title of Document: SCHOOL MOBILITY AS IT RELATES TO ADOLESCENTS’ CIVIC KNOWLEDGE AND SCHOOL BELONGING Brittany Erin Mackel, MA, 2009 Directed By: Professor Judith Torney-Purta, Department of Human Development The relation of school mobility to levels of adolescent civic knowledge and sense of belonging at school was examined using data collected from a(More)
Title of dissertation: INDIVIDUALAND CLASSROOMLEVEL SOCIAL SUPPORT AND CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR IN MIDDLE SCHOOL Shannon Lea Russell, Doctor of Philosophy, 2012 Dissertation directed by: Professor Kathryn R. Wentzel, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology This study investigated relations between middle school students’ perceptions of social(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine two aspects of context for peer aggression: national individualism and distributions of socioeconomic status in the school. School administrators for each school reported on their perceptions of the frequency of bullying and violence in their school. The sample comprised 990 school principals/headmasters from(More)
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