Judith Saebel

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Little is known about the suicidal ideation of callers to telephone help lines even though these services are in the front line of suicide prevention efforts. Where thematic data are collected by telephone counseling agencies, it is rarely clear how the categories were constructed and the measurement properties of the instruments are rarely reported. The(More)
Anger, aggression, or hostility, or an emotional state consistent with these terms, has been accepted as being of fundamental importance to our understanding of suicidal behavior. However, the presumed association has not been investigated thoroughly in prospective studies. The results of the present 8-year longitudinal examination of anger with oneself and(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous different factors may contribute to the varying degrees of success observed following gastric bypass surgery. It is likely that alterations in the subjective experiences of hunger and satiety, as well as behavioral factors, are important. Our aim was to investigate the association of several factors, including qualitative aspects of(More)
In a sample of young adult Australians, those who had had suicidal ideation but who did not acknowledge ever having had it when asked 4 years later, were experiencing better mental health, as demonstrated by significantly better functioning on a range of psychometric measures, than those who recalled it. These results are consistent with several recent(More)
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