Judith S Greengard

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Protein S, an anticoagulant factor in the protein C antithrombotic pathway, was found to be synthesized and released by six tumor cell lines of neural origin by western blotting and ELISA. The rate of synthesis ranged from three- to 11-fold higher than that of a microvascular endothelial cell line and 36-144% that of a hepatoma cell line. The secreted(More)
Although it is known that factor VIII (FVIII) plasma levels increase rapidly in response to a number of stimuli, the biological stimuli behind this release is less clear. Previously, we showed that FVIII can traffic together with von Willebrand factor (vWF) into storage granules in a pituitary tumor cell line, AtT-20; however, AtT-20 cells could not be used(More)
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