Judith Rollins

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STUDY DESIGN This study defined the projection point of the lumbar pedicle on its posterior aspect and its relation to a reliable landmark and reported pedicle dimensions based on 50 lumbar spines. OBJECTIVES To establish the best starting point for a pedicle screw for passing the screw down the center (axis) of the pedicle; to describe quantitatively the(More)
The genomics revolution has contributed enormously to research and disease management applications in plant pathology. This development has rapidly increased our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underpinning pathogenesis and resistance, contributed novel markers for rapid pathogen detection and diagnosis, and offered further insights into the(More)
The theme of the triumphant 'colo-nized man' or 'slave' or 'bondsman' is one which appears repeatedly in the writings of influential social thinkers. The explanation of the dynamic which transforms the relationship and liberates the subordinated varies immensely from writer to writer; but there exists a surprising consistency in their conclusions about the(More)
STUDY DESIGN This study analyzed the sacroiliac articulation at the level of the second sacral vertebra (S2). Anthropometric measurements were performed on 20 cadaveric pelves to determine the optimal starting point for lag screw fixation of the sacroiliac joint at S2. OBJECTIVES The measurements were utilized to identify a region on the outer table of(More)
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