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PURPOSE Contractures are common problems for the elderly with far reaching functional and medical consequences. The aim of this systematic literature review was to give an overview of contracture and to identify potential risk factors associated with contractures. METHODS A systematic literature search with two objectives limited to the last 10 years was(More)
H. P. Beard, R. G. Blake, R. C. Bullock, Eugenio Calabi, W. L. Duren, J. C. Eaves, D. O. Ellis, Trevor Evans, J. K. Feibleman, J. G. Horne, S. T. Hu, G. B. Huff, L. H. Kanter, H. T. Karnes, J. L. Kelley, R. J. Koch, G. B. Lang, F. A. Lewis, J. L. Loflin, C. W. McArthur, C. C. MacDuffee, J. D. Mancill, M. H. Martin, Benjamin Ernest Mitchell, D. R. Morrison,(More)
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