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BACKGROUND We studied whether standardized treatments of major depression whose efficacy was established with psychiatric patients are equally effective when provided to primary care patients, and whether standardized treatments are more effective than a primary care physician's usual care. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted, in which(More)
The Departement of Mines and Geology has been monitoring the seismicity of the Central Himalayas of Nepal since 1985. Intense microseismicity and frequent medium-size earthquakes (mL<4) tend to cluster beneath the topographic front of the Higher Himalaya. This 10-20km deep seismicity also correlates with a zone of localized uplift that has been evidenced(More)
duration of enrollment and utilization under children's health insurance programs for States planning to expand such programs in response to the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Using data from children's health insurance programs in Pennsylvania, we find that there is a significant turnover among enrollees and the pattern of use following enrollment suggests(More)
BACKGROUND This study augments a randomized controlled trial to analyze the cost-effectiveness of 2 standardized treatments for major depression relative to each other and to the "usual care" provided by primary care physicians. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted in which primary care patients meeting DSM-III-R criteria for current major(More)
Preface The increase in the cost of hospital care has been a persistent and growing problem for both the Medicare program and the general public for more than iS years. A substantial portion of the increase in hospital costs has been attributed to an increase in the use of new and existing medical technologies. Congress recently legislated a new prospective(More)
ii FOREWORD This study, Policy Implications of the Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner, was requested by the Senate Committee on Finance and the Senate Committee on Human Resources. It examines the CT scanner, an expensive, new diagnostic device that combines X-ray and computer equipment. The CT scanner has been rapidly and enthusiastically accepted by the(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the health insurance experience and out-of-pocket health care costs of families with a child with IDDM. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A case-control study of 197 families with a child with IDDM and 142 control families with no diabetic children was conducted. IDDM-affected families were identified from the Allegheny County IDDM(More)
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will expand insurance coverage to millions of Americans with mental disorders. One particularly important implementation issue is the scope of mental health and substance abuse services under expanded health insurance coverage. This article examines current public and commercial insurance coverage of the range(More)
In 1988, Ontario introduced transitional funding, a collaborative process between the Ministry of Health and the hospitals to modify Ontario's global budgeting system. The goals are to achieve greater equity; encourage hospital efficiency, and promote a shift from inpatient to outpatient services. To implement these goals, inpatient care is being measured(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to identify benefit limits, diagnostic exclusions, and service exclusions of private behavioral health care plans that can influence the delivery of care to children. METHODS A total of 128 commercial, employment-based behavioral health plans were examined for types of benefit limits, service exclusions, and(More)