Judith R Head

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Work characteristics, including skill discretion and decision authority, explain most of the socioeconomic status gradient in well-being and depression in middle-aged British civil servants from the Whitehall II Study, London. Social support explained about one-third of the gradient, life events and material difficulties less than one-third. Socioeconomic(More)
Previously, we found that membrane metalloendopeptidase (MMEP; enkephalinase) is present in human endometrium where it may inactivate certain bioactive peptides such as endothelin. The specific activity of MMEP in endometrium is correlated positively with the level of plasma progesterone. In the present study, we determined the cellular distribution of MMEP(More)
In mouse and human, precursors of NK cell lineage home to decidualizing uteri. To assess the requirement for IL-15, an essential cytokine for NK differentiation in lymphoid tissue, on uterine NK (uNK) cell differentiation, implantation sites from IL-15(-/-) mice were analyzed histologically. IL-15(-/-) implantation sites had no uNK cells, no spiral-artery(More)
In this study, we investigated the regulation of interleukin-8 (IL-8) gene expression in separated endometrial stromal and epithelial cells of human endometrium. This research was conducted as part of an analysis of the role of these cells in regulating the recruitment of leukocytes to the endometrium. Well-characterized model systems were used to study the(More)
The rat endometrium during pregnancy was used as a model system to study fibronectin in vivo. Fibronectin distribution on stromal fibroblasts, as determined by indirect immunofluorescence staining, was studied in relationship to cell shape during decidual transformation. Fibroblasts of the estrus endometrial stroma were elongated cells with a fibrillar(More)
We determined the degree to which metabolic syndrome components, inflammation and health behaviours account for the social gradient in CHD. A total of 5312 men, initially aged 39 to 63 years, were followed for 13.1 years for incident coronary death or non-fatal myocardial infarction according to socioeconomic position (employment grade). The contribution of(More)
Interleukin-6 (IL6) and suppurating placental inflammation are markers of neonatal sepsis. The purpose of this study was to define a relationship between IL6 and acute chorioamnionitis and funisitis of the placenta, and to compare IL6 levels in term and preterm neonates. Umbilical venous IL6 was measured in 137 term and 110 preterm neonates. Acute(More)
Large mononuclear cells with abundant prominent granules were described decades ago by morphologists studying implantation sites in pregnant rodents. These striking cells accumulated by midgestation in large numbers in a structure unique to rodent pregnancy that develops in the mesometrial region of the uterine musculature and was given the unfortunate name(More)
A sensitive RNase mapping technique was used to investigate the expression of individual class I mRNA in the embryo and placenta of the mouse from day 7.5 through day 13 of gestation. Transcripts of the H-2Kd and -Dd genes appeared in both placental and embryonic tissues as early as day 7.5 post coitum and continued to be expressed thereafter. In contrast,(More)