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This paper examines the practice of handover in a large metropolitan hospital. It shows that the handover is a significant site at which to examine how tensions and imperatives derived from the traditional institutional position and role of the nurse are played out in contradiction with emergent professionalism. It identifies handover dimensions and focuses(More)
This paper considers some issues confronting contemporary medical nursing and draws upon psychoanalytic theories to investigate some seemingly straightforward and taken-for-granted areas of medical nursing work. I am arguing that the everyday work of medical nurses in caring for patients is concerned with bringing order to and placing boundaries around(More)
This paper provides an overview of the Hong Kong government's influenza preparedness plan and the key roles of public health nurses in that plan. The part played by Hong Kong public health nurses in the management of the avian influenza outbreak in Hong Kong in 1997 and the sudden acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in 2003, together with the(More)
Content analysis of text offers a method for exploring experiences which usually remain unquestioned and unexamined. In this paper the authors analyse a set of patient progress notes by re-framing them as a narrative account of a significant event in the experience of a patient, her family and attending health care workers. Examination of these notes(More)
This theoretical paper has arisen out of a national study of the end of shift nursing handover. It draws upon and offers a postmodern reformulation of the psychodynamic concepts of anxiety and defence as articulated by Menzies Lyth in her study of nursing work in the 1950s. It outlines Kristeva's concept of abjection and draws upon Bion's formulation of the(More)
There is a paucity of research in investigating agency nursing work from the perspectives of hospital nursing managers and agency nurse providers. This exploratory paper examines the hospital nursing managers' and agency nurse providers' perceptions and experiences of agency nursing work. Individual, in-depth interviews were conducted with three agency(More)
BACKGROUND Agency nursing is a poorly understood and under-researched phenomenon. Despite the considerable costs and possible benefits of using agency nurses, little is known about the nature of agency nursing from different perspectives, including hospital and agency managers. AIM To describe the professional relationship between hospitals and nursing(More)
The advent of information technology affects many aspects of our daily life including education. The role of informational technology in curriculum development and instruction is undisputable. Thus, it is vital for educators to find resources with solid foundation that can help them comprehend the research background for selection, integration, and(More)
This paper reports on the findings of a study that considered how anxiety might function to organise nurses' practice. With reference to psychoanalytic theory this paper analyses field notes taken during a series of nursing change-of-shift handovers. The handover practices analysed met all the criteria for a ritual, as understood in psychoanalytic theory,(More)