Judith M Saunders

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TOPIC During Katrina, people suddenly encountered multiple losses, including homes, finances, medications, and death of loved ones. The Model of Vulnerable Populations illustrates how reduced resources placed individuals at greater risk for harm. PURPOSE Using vignettes and the Model of Vulnerable Populations, a psychiatric nurse discusses her experiences(More)
TOPIC A patient's suicide may threaten the nurse's health and work performance until grief and mourning are transformed. PURPOSE To examine the literature, bereavement theories, and recommendations for supporting nurses' bereavement. SOURCES Bereavement literature on Medline, CINAHL, and PsychInfo from 1965-2001, and clinicians' and nurses' responses to(More)
Self-report instruments for depression and suicide risk can help busy clinicians identify adult clients who may be at risk for depressive disorders. These instruments provide a baseline measure of clients' behavioral status, reflect response to treatment, and improve clinical decision making. Such scales can also detect symptoms of depression regardless of(More)
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