Judith M. S. Prewitt

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Adult marine mammal muscles rely upon a suite of adaptations for sustained aerobic metabolism in the absence of freely available oxygen (O2). Although the importance of these adaptations for supporting aerobic diving patterns of adults is well understood, little is known about postnatal muscle development in young marine mammals. However, the typical(More)
Cruciate ligament stents have been developed to severe as internal splints which provide excellent temporary stability while allowing full range of motion of the knee during postreconstruction rehabilitation. Forty-three patients with disabling chronic knee instability were treated at one center using similar reconstruction techniques with either the(More)
The problem of surveillance for metastasis in a cancer patient is modeled as an allocation problem. The hazard rate of metastasis appearing determines the efficient scheduling of follow-up exams. An optimal schedule of follow-up exams is shown to be dependent on the hazard rate, K, and D. K relates the cost of testing to the benefit of early detection. It(More)
The ingrowth of tissue into a coating of inert, highly porous, low-modulus composite of polytetrafluorethylene polymer and pyrolytic graphite on four-fluted intramedullary nails was used for stabilization of middiaphyseal femoral osteotomies and examined by microangiography. The observations were correlated with information obtained by histologic,(More)
Forty-five stemless Proplast-covered silicone rubber trapezium implants were used in 40 patients after trapeziectomy for either osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or trauma. Three implants were later removed from two patients because of traumatic dislocations. One implant was removed from a patient after trauma because of persistent pain. Five patients(More)