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A total of 122 specimens of colorectal cancer were re-assessed in relation to the reporting of invasive growth pattern (expanding vs. infiltrating) and presence or absence of peritumoral lymphocytic infiltrate as used in the Jass prognostic classification. Jass agreed with 69% of cases reported as infiltrating and 90% of reported as expanding. This(More)
Some further developments of the PSE and CATEGO system are reported. The shorter ninth revision of the PSE, together with its glossary of definitions of symptoms, has proved useful in skilled hands and certain sources of error in the eighth edition have been reduced. The Syndrome Check List and Aetiology Schedule have proved useful in decreasing the number(More)
A series of in-patients, a series of out-patients and a series of women from a general population sample, all aged under 65, and all living in the same area of south-east London, were examined using the ninth edition of the Present State Examination (PSE). An 'index of definition' (ID), based on number, type and severity of PSE symptoms, was constructed in(More)
Schizophrenia is recognized by the presence of one or more clinical syndromes, but there is disagreement as to how far the boundaries of the concept should be extended. During the course of a World Health Organization study, using the Present State Examination and a computerized classification program, a nuclear schizophrenic syndrome was nearly always(More)
A random sample of 237 women in a south-east London area were seen by non-medical interviewers, trained to use a standard technique (the Present State Examination) to elicit and record psychiatric symptoms. Ninety-five were interviewed a second time by psychiatrists, who also rated audiotape recordings. The reproducibility of the techniques is adequate(More)
In the library science field, there is no professionally accepted tiered list of journals in the United States to guide librarians, as there is in other academic disciplines. This situation creates a challenge for both new and experienced librarians who wish to make a serious contribution to librarianship by publishing articles. This article outlines a(More)
Two patients presented with abdominal pain, recurrent vomiting, weight loss, and constipation secondary to intestinal pseudo-obstruction. Both patients had symptoms and signs of myasthenia gravis, acetylcholine receptor antibodies, and thymoma. In one patient inflammatory cell infiltrates and occasional degenerate neurons were found in the myenteric plexus.(More)