Judith M Erickson

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Academic-practice partnerships are an important mechanism to strengthen nursing practice and help nurses become well positioned to lead change and advance health. Through implementing such partnerships, both academic institutions and practice settings will formally address the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing Committee.(More)
Hodgkin's disease is a rare lymphoma usually diagnosed in adults presenting with painless lymphadenopathy. Treatment includes radiation therapy for early stages of the disease and chemotherapy for advanced stages. While the majority with Hodgkin's disease will be cured of their disease, patients must complete a period of therapy with risks of significant(More)
ABSTRACT According to stereotypical homosexual images of the stone-faced woman stomping around in work boots, lesbians adopt a more masculine demeanor and style of dress after coming out. In this article the author debunks this notion by sharing her personal experience of how her appearance changed through the course of her coming out process. She contrasts(More)
This article describes an example of an academic-practice partnership between a university-based school of nursing and a multihospital health system that is based on our common past and has grown significantly as we have embraced opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Our primary goals were to enhance the education of students and staff and,(More)
Healthcare faces an unprecedented perfect storm, a convergence of massive and disruptive forces requiring transformational change if healthcare institutions are to survive in the open competitive market. Successful entities will embrace healthcare reform despite fiscal challenges, while reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and being more accountable for(More)
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