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Measuring Variability in Sentence Ordering for News Summarization
The issue of sentence ordering is an important one for natural language tasks such as multi-document summarization, yet there has not been a quantitative exploration of the range of acceptable sentence orderings. Expand
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Building a Knowledge Base from Parsed Definitions
This chapter focuses on a set of head nouns such as unit, group, member, and any, which occur frequently in dictionary definitions and which provide information other than strict IS-A relations with the headword. Expand
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Tackling the internet glossary glut: Extraction and evaluation of genus phrases
An erectible panel portion is erected and held in self-sustaining relationship to another panel portion in a container by means of a projection formed on one panel portion abutting a wall in theExpand
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The FINITE STRING Newsletter: Calls for Papers
For the past 25 years, Bernard Vauquois headed a series of machine translation projects at the University of Grenoble in France that were distinguished by the consistent exploration of sophisticatedExpand