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In a recent article in the American Economic Review, Andrew K. Rose (2004) finds that countries belonging to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its successor, the World Trade Organization (WTO), did not trade more than countries that abstained from membership. A vast literature on the GATT and the WTO presupposes that these organizations(More)
D oes globalization's impact on the labor market affect how people vote? I address this question using a new dataset based on plant-level data that measures the impact of foreign competition on the U.S. workforce over an 8-year period. Analyzing change in the president's vote share, I find that voters were substantially more sensitive to the loss of local(More)
A probabilistic psychophysical model for monaural communication from the auditory nerve to the brain is given in the form of a tonotopic display of stimulus spectrum, termed central spectrum. The model builds upon prior research demonstrating the potential of neural timing cues from the auditory nerve for conveying information on complex spectra, and was(More)
Evidence has accumulated from experimental intracochlear studies that nonlinear mechanical response of the basilar membrane is responsible for cochlear frequency tuning and is the major source of extracochlear nonlinear phenomena in cochlear sound analysis. Known basilar-membrane data provide a basis for synthesizing and quantifying conceptions of cochlear(More)
The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ~GATT! and the World Trade Organization ~WTO! have been touted as premier examples of international institutions, but few studies have offered empirical proof+ This article comprehensively evaluates the effects of the GATT0WTO and other trade agreements since World War II+ Our analysis is organized around two(More)
Optimum processor theory successfully accounts for earlier pitch data by including the constraint that component tones in a complex stimulus are estimated as successive harmonics. This constraint gives the paradoxical prediction that a periodic complex tone comprising nonsuccessive harmonics cannot evoke periodicity pitch corresponding to its period. Most(More)
Ultrasonic, depth-sensitive transmitters were used to track the horizontal and vertical movements, for up to 48 h, of 11 adult (136 to 340 kg estimated body mass) North Atlantic blue®n tuna (Thunnus thynnus Linnaeus). to document the behavior of these ®sh and their schools in order to provide the spatial, temporal, and environmental information required for(More)
Recent research concludes that membership in the GATT/WTO had no effect on foreign trade. By mistakenly classifying many countries as outsiders, even though they had rights and obligations under the agreement, this work systematically underestimates the effect of GATT. We correct the downward bias in previous estimates. Our analyses show that GATT(More)
Rate versus level functions are presented for auditory-nerve fiber responses to best frequency (BF) tones presented alone and in the presence of a constant level suppressor tone. The paper focuses on units with sloping saturation rate functions for BF tones presented alone. Two-tone rate functions are generally parallel to BF functions at firing rates below(More)
This paper investigates how changes in both institutional incentives and economic interests are important for securing durable changes in economic policy. We study how bipartisan support developed to sustain the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act (RTAA) of 1934, which fundamentally transformed U.S. trade policy. The durability of this change was achieved only(More)