Judith L. Bowen

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A b s t r a c t Objective: Computerized physician documentation (CPD) has been implemented throughout the nation's Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) and is likely to increasingly replace handwritten documentation in other institutions. The use of this technology may affect educational and clinical activities, yet little has been reported in this(More)
Videotaped social interactions were shown to a population of schizophrenics and controls who were asked to comment on the emotional state of the principal protagonist. Their free responses were subjected to a content analysis to examine which of three possible explanations of known schizophrenic inaccuracies on this task were responsible: formal thought(More)
BACKGROUND We set out to determine whether and to what degree life events independent of illness increase the risk of relapse in schizophrenia following withdrawal from medication in the previous 6 months, either by triggering a relapse in the following 4 weeks or by acting cumulatively over time. METHOD Seventy-one patients fulfilling DSM-III-R criteria(More)
OBJECTIVES Research in cognition has yielded considerable understanding of the diagnostic reasoning process and its evolution during clinical training. This study sought to determine whether or not this literature could be used to improve the assessment of trainees' diagnostic skill by manipulating testing conditions that encourage different modes of(More)
To help authors design rigorous studies and prepare clear and informative manuscripts, improve the transparency of editorial decisions, and raise the bar on educational scholarship, the Deputy Editors of the Journal of General Internal Medicine articulate standards for medical education submissions to the Journal. General standards include: (1) quality(More)
BACKGROUND Despite recent residency workload and hour limitations, little research on the relationship between workload and learning has been done. We sought to define residents' perceptions of the optimal patient workload for learning, and to determine how certain variables contribute to those perceptions. Our hypothesis was that the relationship between(More)
S even years ago the Institute of Medicine's report, Crossing the Quality Chasm 1 , issued a challenge to transform America's healthcare system. If this challenge is to be met any time soon, it will require profound leadership by general inter-nists. This, in turn, requires that the next generation of internists be trained in residency programs with a(More)
PURPOSE Although decades of research have yielded considerable insight into physicians' clinical reasoning processes, assessing these processes remains challenging; thus, the authors sought to compare diagnostic performance and the utility of clinical vignette-based assessment under testing conditions designed to encourage either automatic or analytic(More)