Judith Kardos Kloetzel

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Sequence divergence in the second internal transcribed spacer (ITS2) of ribosomal DNA was examined for female specimens of Anopheles oswaldoi Peryassu from 7 localities in South America. The lengths(More)
During 1992-1994, 33 malaria cases were reported in two regions in Brazil where few sporadic atypical cases occur, most of them in home owners, who are weekenders, while home caretakers live there(More)
Peritoneal macrophage activation as measured by H2O2 release and histopathology was compared between Swiss mice and Calomys callosus, a wild rodent, reservoir of Trypanosoma cruzi, during the course(More)
We compared the susceptibility of Anopheles oswaldoi and An. konderi to infection by Plasmodium vivax based on the proportion of mosquitoes presenting oocysts and sporozoites. Anophelines were(More)
Sporadic cases of autochthonous malaria have been recorded in São Paulo State, located in the Southeast region of Brazil. These cases are characterized by their benign course, low parasitemia, and(More)
Calomys callosus a wild rodent, is a natural host of Trypanosoma cruzi. Twelve C. callosus were infected with 10(5) trypomastigotes of the F strain (a myotropic strain) of T. cruzi. Parasitemia(More)
BACKGROUND A survey of malaria antibodies was carried out over 7 years and a total of 777 serum samples from wild monkeys were collected in three distinct ecological areas of Brazil where(More)