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Cardiovascular function can be evaluated effectively using the heart signals. The Heart Sound plays an important role in diagnosis of various pathological conditions like cavitations, stenosis, and regurgitation. Pathological conditions can be effectively quantified by using enhanced signal processing techniques like wavelet transform. This article deals(More)
The Phonocardiogram signal is a combination of contraction and relaxation of atria and ventricles. Valve movements play an important role in the medical field by providing the clinician with diagnostic and prognostic information. The energy associated with the signal can be useful in quantification of various non-deterministic events such as cavitation in(More)
The various acoustic parameters obtained from TracheoEsophageal Laryngectomy subjects implanted with prosthesis are compared with that of a normal subject. In the advanced stage, laryngeal carcinoma leads to Laryngectomy, which is the removal of larynx. The replacement of speech is done with the help of a prosthetic device. The sentence material is chosen(More)
Hypersonic flights, re-entry vehicles, and propulsion applications all require new materials that can perform in oxidizing or corrosive atmospheres at temperatures in excess of 2000°C and sometimes over the course of a long working life. Ultra High Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) are good candidates to fulfill these requirements. Within this family, the ZrB2(More)
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