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BACKGROUND There is increasing recognition that the use of certain medications contributes to falls in seniors. Our objective was to update a previously completed meta-analysis looking at the association of medication use and falling to include relevant drug classes and new studies that have been completed since a previous meta-analysis. METHODS Studies(More)
Cyclosporine (CsA) has had a major impact on the process and success of solid organ transplantation. Early in the use of CsA, therapeutic monitoring using the predose (trough, or C0) concentration became the standard of care. However, there are complications with the use of C0 monitoring that have only partly been mitigated with the advent of the(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Subsequent entry biologics may soon be a reality in Canadian nephrology practice. Along with opportunities to reduce health care costs, these agents pose unique challenges that must be met for successful implementation. Understanding the experiences around the globe in both regulatory affairs and implementation will be a valuable guide for(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the cumulative incidence rate of acute pesticide poisoning in the year 2000 among Nicaraguan subjects over 15 years of age. METHODS Data on pesticide exposure and health effects were assessed in a nationally representative survey. Based on self-reported cases, we estimated the 1-year incidence rate and the number of expected cases(More)
BACKGROUND In Europe, epoetin subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) have been in use since 2007. Canadian patents of erythropoietin stimulating agents are expiring in 2014, therefore it is predicted that epoetin SEBs will penetrate the Canadian market in the near future. OBJECTIVE To estimate the economic impact and costs offsets associated with the uptake(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the evidence for adjunctive corticosteroids for severe community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). DATA SOURCES MEDLINE (1966-February 2007) and EMBASE (1980-February 2007) were searched to identify English- and French-language publications that evaluated the use of corticosteroids for CAP in adults. Major search terms included(More)
Hyperthermia was shown to induce oxidative stress by uncoupling mitochondrial respiratory chain and to reduce superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity in muscles. Reactive carbonyl groups, malondialdehyde (MDA)-protein adducts, 3-nitrotyrosine immunoreactivity, Mn-SOD, and catalase were detected using immunoblotting in rat diaphragm specimens and homogenates(More)
BACKGROUND Subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) may soon be a reality in Canadian nephrology practice. Understanding the worldwide experience with these agents will be valuable to Canadian clinicians. OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacy and safety data between SEBs used in nephrology practice and their reference biologic. DESIGN Systematic review. SOURCES(More)