Judith F. Smith

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An assay of estradiol-17beta (E217beta) in bovine peripheral plasma is described. The plasma is incubated with an antiserum to E217beta-BSA and the gamma-globulin fraction precipitated with ammonium sulphate. After extraction with diethyl ether E217beta in the precipitate is estimated by radioimmunoassay using a specific antiserum against E217beta-6-BSA.(More)
Reassortant viruses containing heterologous S and M genomic RNA segments were obtained from both mosquito and vertebrate hosts that had been coinfected with Egyptian and Senegalese strains of Rift Valley fever (RVF) virus. The origin of the S and M RNA segments in each plaque-cloned virus was determined with monoclonal antibodies capable of differentiating(More)
Alphavirus-based replicon systems are frequently used as preclinical vectors and as antigen discovery tools, and they have recently been assessed in clinical vaccine trials. Typically, alphavirus replicon RNAs are delivered within virus-like replicon particles (VRP) that are produced following transfection of replicon RNA and two helper RNAs into permissive(More)
CONTENTS. I. The effect of the blood serum of leuk~emic patients exposed to X-ray upon leukocytes of injected animals. II. The effect of X-ray on phagocytosis. III. The effect of the sertlm of leuk~emie patients exposed to X-ray on the human leukocytes and erythroeytes, as observed in the hanging drop. IV. The effect of heat on leukolytic blood. V. The(More)
Table 1 in the article incorrectly identifies the isotype of monoclonal antibodies that are used in stability indicating assays that support the Gardasil product line. Corrections to Table 1, revised Feb 2012, correct 2 mAb isotype designation H16.J4 = IgG2a and H18. J4 = IgG2a, see corrected table below. Table 1. reactivity of a panel of monoclonal(More)
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