Judith Ewing

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Blum et al (1990) have recently examined a restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) detected by TaqI RFLP to the dopamine D2 receptor gene (DRD2) in deceased alcoholics and nonalcoholics, and reported an association between alcoholism and the A1 allele. Subsequent studies, however, by other investigators have failed to confirm this. We have examined(More)
Obstetric histories of 54 schizophrenic patients and 114 siblings were obtained from their mothers and scored using the Obstetric Complications Scale. There were no statistically significant difference in the proportion of schizophrenic patients (35%) and siblings (29%) who had at least one definite obstetric complication. There was no evidence that(More)
BACKGROUND Homeless people are known to suffer disproportionately with health problems that reduce physical functioning and quality of life, and shorten life expectancy. They suffer from a wide range of diseases that are known to be painful, but little information is available about the nature and prevalence of chronic pain in this vulnerable group. This(More)
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