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The neural basis of normal and scrambled face processing was investigated by recording evoked potentials from 21 electrodes at standard EEG sites, with respect to a nose reference. Temporal negativities were found that result from two overlapping phenomena: they arise from the polarity reversal on temporal electrodes of the vertex P2, a positive wave(More)
We present an analysis of altitudinal neglect in a patient who following traumatic brain injury showed extinction to a visual stimulus presented in the lower field when another stimulus was simultaneously presented in the upper field. When estimating the midpoint of vertically-oriented rods presented below eye level using visual cues, tactile/kinesthetic(More)
Paradis (1992) likens studies of bilingual laterality to reported sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, in that although some studies claim differential laterality much conflicting research evidence does not-and like the mythical Scottish monster, what reason have we to suspect that any such phenomenon might exist? This study reexamines differential bilingual(More)
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