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As part of a system-wide initiative to advance evidence-based practice among clinicians, graduate students, and educators, the New York University Division of Nursing embarked on a curricular initiative to integrate components of information literacy in all core courses of the master's program. Increasing competency in information literacy is the foundation(More)
BACKGROUND Despite recent advances in breast cancer treatment, breast cancer related lymphedema (BCRL) continues to be a significant problem for many survivors. Some BCRL risk factors may be largely unavoidable, such as mastectomy, axillary lymph node dissection (ALND), or radiation therapy. Potentially avoidable risk factors unrelated to breast cancer(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to describe Chinese women's experiences of adjusting to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and its diagnosis and treatment are pivotal life-changing events that prompt women to make immediate adjustments. Adjustment to breast cancer has been studied as a(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To develop a substantive theory of the process of breast cancer survivorship. RESEARCH APPROACH Grounded theory. SETTING A LISTSERV announcement posted on the SHARE Web site and purposeful recruitment of women known to be diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. PARTICIPANTS 15 women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. (More)
There is growing evidence that physical health problems are caused and exacerbated by psychological factors. Research indicates that psychological distress leads to physical disease through impairment of the neuroendocrine system and its interface with the body's immune response. However, the current health care delivery system splinters care into(More)
Competency-based training approaches are being used more in healthcare to guide curriculum content and ensure accountability and outcomes in the educational process. This article provides an overview of the state of competency development in the field of behavioral health. Specifically, it identifies the groups and organizations that have conducted and(More)
Breast cancer-related lymphedema is a syndrome of abnormal swelling coupled with multiple symptoms resulting from obstruction or disruption of the lymphatic system associated with cancer treatment. Research has demonstrated that with increased number of symptoms reported, breast cancer survivors' limb volume increased. Lymphedema symptoms in the affected(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in cancer treatments continue to reduce the incidence of lymphedema. Yet, many breast cancer survivors still face long-term postoperative challenges as a result of developing lymphedema. The purpose of this study was to preliminarily evaluate The Optimal Lymph Flow program, a patient-centered education and behavioral program focusing on(More)