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The acute anti-lipolytic effect of human growth hormone (hGH) in maximally noradrenaline-stimulated intact rat adipocytes was selectively associated with increased phosphorylation of a 46 kDa plasma membrane protein which was highly enriched by hGH-Sepharose chromatography. The same protein was also phosphorylated by an endogenous protein kinase in isolated(More)
Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) binds to pancreatic lipase in a cooperative manner up to about 200 moles/mole of protein. This binding in a rapid and irreversible inactivation of lipase. Bile salts under certain conditions prevent SDS inactivation of lipase when both detergents are present together. Under these conditions bile salts also prevent the binding of(More)
The mechanisms of invasive tumour development from pre-invasive CIS are unknown. We examined changes in functional parameters of the tubular wall according to the increase in CIS cells and tubular size. Immunohistochemistry was performed on 37 testicular specimens from 25 patients with carcinoma in situ and/or malignant germ cell tumour for the detection of(More)
We obtained 10/192 and 3/384 antibody-secreting hybrids after immunization of Balb/c mice with either human growth hormone or affinity-purified rabbit anti-(human growth hormone) respectively. Radiolabelled rabbit anti-(human growth hormone) antibodies, but not human growth hormone, were specifically bound by supernatants from the 13 hybrids. The binding(More)
  • J Donnér
  • 1976
Porcine pancreatic lipase LB was purified and released from co-lipase activity by reduction with beta-mercaptoethanol in the presence of guanidine chloride. The amino acid and carbohydrate composition of the enzyme is presented. The following physical constants were measured or calculated: Molecular weight 52 000, sedimentation coefficient (s degrees 20, w)(More)
The binding of conjugated bile salts to pancreatic colipase and lipase has been studied by equilibrium dialysis and gel filtration. The results indicate that at physiological ionic strength and pH, conjugated bile salts bind as micelles to colipase: 12-15 moles/mole of colipase for the dihydroxy conjugates and 2-4 for the trihydroxy conjugates. No binding(More)
At the Nordic Federation of Medical Education congress on nutrition held at Lund in April 1991, it was agreed that nutrition should be allotted adequate space within the framework both of the preclinical and clinical curricula. A proposal was presented whereby a basic course in nutrition would be scheduled early in the general medical curriculum, together(More)