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The availability of a simple-to-use, automatic measurement system for noninvasive flow estimation is imperative, given the clinical demand for an acceptable noninvasive procedure rather than the standard invasive procedure of thermodilution. A method for calculating cardiac output from noninvasively derived pressure pulses has been developed, and the(More)
Meeting Aim: " It is the purpose of the Task Force on Undergraduate Retention and Graduation to complete an analysis of undergraduate retention and graduation and to recommend tactics for implementation that will yield improvements on both areas. " John Bechtold's comments (note 5 and 6 in Part 3 added); figures removed. To design the first-year placement(More)
A robust, automatic measurement system for calculating cardiac output noninvasively has recently been developed. The proposed method relies on fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis of pulses measured externally at the carotid and femoral pressure points. A transfer function of the aorta is computed from these (calibrated) pressure measurements, and a(More)
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