Judith D. Gardiner

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A software package has been developed to solve efficiently the Sylvester-type matrix equation <italic>AXB<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> + <italic>CXD<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> = <italic>E</italic>. A transformation method is used which employs the QZ algorithm to structure the equation in such a way that it can be solved columnwise by a back(More)
This paper documents a software package for solving the Sylvester matrix equation (1) <italic>AXB<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> + <italic>CXD<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> = <italic>e</italic> All quantities are real matrices; <italic>A</italic> and <italic>C</italic> are <italic>m</italic> x <italic>n</italic>; <italic>B</italic> and(More)
This project explores a new mechanism for early detection of Internet disturbances, including both natural and malicious events. We used multiple hidden Markov models to analyze a type of global routing data called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Reasonably good discrimination was achieved between quiet periods and disturbances, and some discrimination was(More)
• Energy surety and microgrids o Lead Design Engineer for the DOE/DoD SPIDERS microgrid project (2010-present) o Microgrid design for military facilities (2008-present) • Cyber security of automation and control systems in electric power o Threat analysis for infrastructure systems (2004-present) o Cyber security modeling and design for automation and(More)
Because tests at Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) ranges can often only be conducted under specific atmospheric conditions, climatologies of each range could be a very useful tool for long-range test planning. Such datasets can provide the probability density function of near-surface wind speed, percent cloud cover, temperature, precipitation,(More)
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