Judith D. Gardiner

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A software package has been developed to solve efficiently the Sylvester-type matrix equation <italic>AXB<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> + <italic>CXD<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> = <italic>E</italic>. A transformation method is used which employs the QZ algorithm to structure the equation in such a way that it can be solved columnwise by a back(More)
This paper documents a software package for solving the Sylvester matrix equation (1) <italic>AXB<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> + <italic>CXD<supscrpt>T</supscrpt></italic> = <italic>e</italic> All quantities are real matrices; <italic>A</italic> and <italic>C</italic> are <italic>m</italic> x <italic>n</italic>; <italic>B</italic> and(More)
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