Judith Condon

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It has been argued that psychiatric nurses are ideally placed to provide smoking cessation interventions to patients with mental illness. This assumes that psychiatric nurses actively support smoking cessation. The current paper articulates some of the reasons why this has not occurred, in particular, some of the ethical beliefs held by nurses that may(More)
Attitudes of people with HIV disease towards HIV have seldom been measured. However, a well-established scale to measure attitudes toward cancer in those with the disease, the 38-item Mental Adjustment to Cancer (MAC) scale was modified to assess adjustment to HIV disease. We administered the scale to 107 Australian men with HIV infection, of whom 36 had an(More)
In this article health belief concepts are identified and previous attempts to construct scales for measuring these concepts are critiqued. Using an initial sample of 156 diabetic patients, factor analytic techniques were used to develop measures of the basic concepts of the Health Belief Model. The derived scales from this sample were cross-validated on a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact that education through participation in a depression screening program has on mental health literacy and help seeking behavior in perinatal women. METHODS Responses to a hypothetical case of depression, help seeking behavior, and screening levels for risk of depression using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale were(More)
OBJECTIVE The theoretical framework and psychometric properties of the MACRO (Mother and Child Risk Observation) 1 and 2 forms (age 0 to 4 year) are presented. The MACRO forms provide ratings on five domains--three related to parenting, two on infant (or child) characteristics and maternal mental state. Case vignettes illustrate their clinical utility. (More)
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