Judith Butcher

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This study examined variables which influence the socialization of adolescent girls into physical activity using the three components of Kenyon and McPherson's (1973) model: personal attributes, socializing agents, and socialization situations. The questionnaire was completed by 661 girls from Grades 6 to 10. Of the six measures of physical activity,(More)
The purpose of this longitudinal study was to examine changes in adolescent girls' aspirations at school and perceptions of popularity as they matured, and to determine if there were any differences between participants and nonparticipants on interschool teams. One hundred forty girls completed a questionnaire each year for five years from Grades 6 to 10(More)
To examine health care providers' expected role in health promotion counseling to urban adolescents from the perspective of parents. Although participating parents wanted health care providers to counsel their adolescents on sensitive health issues, their desires and expectations were rarely met.
Observation of the cannula is imperative in detecting early signs of phlebitis. To maintain high standards of cannula care, nurse education is important, along with regular auditing of the incidence of phlebitis. Careful consideration should be given to the size of cannula used and the position in which it is sited. Use of Vialon cannulae may be preferable(More)
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