Judith Brecklinghaus

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Tolerance and adaptation to heavy metals of Desulfovibrio- and Desulfotomaculum-strains of different origin have been investigated in enrichment cultures under different conditions of sulphate supply. Three groups of low, medium, and high toxicity were found with As, V, and Mo in the first, Ni, Sb, Co, and Hg in the second, and Cd, Zn, U, and Cu in the(More)
We prove that the approximation ratio of the greedy algorithm for the metric Traveling Salesman Problem is Θ(log n). Moreover, we prove that the same result also holds for graphic, euclidean, and rectilinear instances of the Traveling Salesman Problem. Finally we show that the approximation ratio of the ClarkeWright savings heuristic for the metric(More)
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