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Earlier studies of mortality of psychiatric patients are reviewed, and agreements and inconsistencies related to age, sex, diagnosis and cause of death are noted. The authors then analyze 5,268 deaths during a 5-year period of current or former patients in Missouri public psychiatric hospitals and mental health clinics, calculating mortality ratios that are(More)
Age-specific suicide rates are presented, based on 207 white patients of the Missouri Department of Mental Health who were identified as having committed suicide during 1972-74. Results, divided by age, sex, diagnosis and patient status, are compared with other studies. Male inpatients are about five times more likely to commit suicide compared to the(More)
This study compares the symptoms of public mental health patients diagnosed as having a depressive disorder, and then relates its findings to the previous literature concerning black-white differences in mental illness. Results of this study corroborate previous observations that a somewhat smaller proportion of black admissions than white admissions are(More)
Age differences in odor identification were investigated by using relatively familiar and unfamiliar chemical stimuli and enhancing the retrieval environment by restrictive reminding of memories evoked by stimulus during initial presentation. Age differences were seen in initial identification, in learning the labels of items in the stimulus set, in(More)
This paper describes the development and testing of an internal inconsistency scale to help identify unreliable clinical ratings. The scale consists of pairs of logically inconsistent items which have been chosen and scored using a combination of rational and statistical procedures. Evidence is presented to indicate that the scale measures rater(More)
This study further explores the relative merits of MMPI factor scores versus clinical scale scores, using the MMPI results of a large unselected sample of public mental health patients and using mental status examination findings and clinical, diagnosis as criterion variables. Correlation of MMPI-168 factor scores, MMPI-168 estimated clinical scale scores(More)
TheDissertation Abstracts database was searched online to study patterns in the growth of scholarship from 1880–1984. The total number of degrees granted per year as well as the number of degrees granted per year in the “hard” sciences, social sciences, and library science seems to be leveling off; the number in fine arts and literature has begun to(More)
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