Judith Andre

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This article describes the variety of approaches used at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine for teaching ethics, professionalism, and humanities to undergraduate medical students: courses in ethics and health policy; mentoring programs; selectives in history, literature, and spirituality; structured patient care experiences; and(More)
New genetic technologies continue to emerge that allow us to control the genetic endowment of future children. Increasingly the claim is made that it is morally "irresponsible" for parents to fail to use such technologies when they know their possible children are at risk for a serious genetic disorder. We believe such charges are often unwarrented. Our(More)
A leprosy survey was conducted from 1982 to 1985 among 2650 semi-sedentarized Pygmies in two camp-villages in the Central African Republic. Leprosy is endemic there, with an estimated prevalence rate of 1.05% and an annual detection rate of 0.2%. In view of its close relations with other neighbouring ethnic groups this Pygmy community can be considered as a(More)
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