Judith Andre

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This article describes the variety of approaches used at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine for teaching ethics, professionalism, and humanities to undergraduate medical students: courses in ethics and health policy; mentoring programs; selectives in history, literature, and spirituality; structured patient care experiences; and(More)
New genetic technologies continue to emerge that allow us to control the genetic endowment of future children. Increasingly the claim is made that it is morally "irresponsible" for parents to fail to use such technologies when they know their possible children are at risk for a serious genetic disorder. We believe such charges are often unwarrented. Our(More)
Binge drinking is associated with impaired cognitive functioning, but the relationship of cognitive impairments and white matter integrity is less known. We used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to investigate the relationships of binge drinking, whole brain white matter integrity and cognitive performance during young adulthood (18 to 25 years), a period of(More)
"[T]he situation of nurses, with its strong tensions between power and powerlessness, represents the situation of most of us." 1 So wrote Andrew Jameton some years ago. If he is right — and I think he is — then we can all learn from looking at nursing more closely. It's surprisingly difficult to do this. Many different factors make it hard to really see the(More)
" Don't open your window at night, " the doctor told me. I was in South Korea, learning from daily life and from a cold that eventually became pneumonia, about Korean health beliefs and health care. (The country has universal health care.) I was fascinated by some of the differences in health beliefs. Cold air is considered bad, in general, and particularly(More)
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