Judith A Y Straton

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PURPOSE To explore the prevalence of dysmenorrhea among senior high school girls in Perth, Western Australia, its impact on school, sporting, and social activities, students' management strategies, and their knowledge of available treatment. METHODS A total of 388 female students in Grades 11 and 12 at three metropolitan secondary schools completed an(More)
BACKGROUND Postnatal depression can cause adverse effects on both mother and infant, but its impact on breastfeeding duration is poorly understood. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between maternal postnatal depression and breastfeeding duration. METHODS A cohort of 1745 women was recruited on the postnatal wards of two large(More)
The relationship between circumcision and sexually transmissible disease was studied in 1350 men who attended the Public Health Department Special Treatment Clinic in Perth, Western Australia. Evidence of circumcision was obtained by examination. More than 98% of the men studied gave a verbal report of their circumcision status which was consistent with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between genital and urinary tract infections in pregnant Aboriginal women and low birth weight. DESIGN Retrospective case-control study controlling for potential confounding variables. SETTING Western Australia from 1985 to 1987. SUBJECTS All Aboriginal women (n = 269) who had given birth to singleton infants(More)
A culturally appropriate women's health service was established at an Aboriginal community-controlled health service in Darwin in 1994. An initial file audit found that 48% of included women had ever been screened with a Pap smear and 37% of women were considered to have been adequately screened. The enhancement of opportunistic screening by file tagging(More)
This study examined the effect of three interventions for encouraging women to have a Pap smear in a general practice: tagging the medical record to remind the doctor to offer a Pap smear, sending an invitation to make an appointment for a Pap smear, and sending an invitation with an appointment to attend for a Pap smear at a special screening clinic(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the operation of the Fitzroy Valley Pap Smear Register, a population-based call and recall system for cervical screening for Aboriginal women, and the prevalence of cervical abnormalities in the women screened. DESIGN Descriptive study. SETTING An Aboriginal community in the far north-west of Western Australia. PARTICIPANTS(More)
We assessed the effects of an organised cervical screening program, using a population-based cervical cytology register, for Aboriginal women in the Fitzroy Valley, a remote part of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Comparison of age-specific screening rates in the area during 1987-88, 1990-92 and 1993-94 showed that establishing the program in(More)
A cost-effectiveness study of three different interventions to promote the uptake of screening for cervical cancer in general practice was carried out in Perth in 1991. Women eligible for a Pap smear were randomly allocated to one of four groups: one receiving letters with specific appointments to attend a screening clinic staffed by female doctors, one(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the rate of cervical cancer screening in Western Australia in 1992, and any variation by age, place of residence, and socio-economic status; and to determine the proportion of smears taken by different service providers. DESIGN Descriptive study; collection of data from Papanicolaou (Pap) smear request forms during one calendar(More)