Judith A. Langer

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I would also like to thank George Hillocks, Taffy Raphael, and Virginia Goatley, whose comments on earlier drafts of this report helped strengthen it. We offer sincere thanks to the many teachers, students and schools for their cooperation. It was their commitment to increasing English teachers' knowledge about ways to improve student learning and(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This study could not possibly have been accomplished without the hard work and professional expertise of field researchers Their case study reports complement this paper and provide detailed descriptions of particular programs. Together we would like to thank the teachers, their colleagues-in-education, and their students, both real and(More)
The relative positions of the centers of mass of the 21 proteins of the 30S ribosomal subunit from Escherichia coli have been determined by triangulation using neutron scattering data. The resulting map of the quaternary structure of the small ribosomal subunit is presented, and comparisons are made with structural data from other sources.
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