Judith A Bacon

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Relationships between I intake by lactating Holstein cows and iodine concentrations in milk and meat were investigated. Six treatment groups with seven cows assigned to each treatment were fed a basal diet containing .8 mg I/kg alone or supplemented with I at 1, 2, or 4 mg/kg in four 5-wk periods. Basal alone was fed in the first and third periods and the I(More)
Children who carry a gene mutation for familial adenomatous polyposis are virtually certain to develop colorectal cancer without annual endoscopic screening and a colectomy when polyps appear. Predictive genetic testing can identify children who need regular surveillance. While the medical benefits of genetic testing are clear, the psychological effects(More)
Rates of increase in plasma Mg following rectal or oral administration of solutions containing 30 g MgCl2.6H2O were compared in 10 Holstein bull calves receiving wheat straw (.07% Mg) and concentrates (.04 or .24% Mg) fed separately for ad libitum consumption. Treatments were administered in a sequence, which involved each calf with all combinations of(More)
Effects of two levels of dietary selenium (se) on reproductive performance and blood Se status of mature gestating and lactating sows were evaluated over one reproductive cycle. Four groups of six Duroc sows were fed basal corn-soybean meal (SBM) or corn-SBM-tankage diets each with or without .1 ppm supplemental Se. The basal diets contained .1 ppm natural(More)