Judith A Allen

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OBJECTIVE To determine circulating endothelin-1 levels (ET-1) in patients with primary or secondary associated Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) under resting conditions and in response to cold provocation. METHODS Patients were categorised as primary RP (18) or scleroderma associated RP (14). Finger blood flow was measured by venous occlusion plethysmography at(More)
We investigated whether hospital-based specialist asthma nurses improved recognition and self-treatment of asthma episodes by patients followed up after attending accident and emergency departments (A&E) for asthma exacerbations. We carried out a randomized prospective controlled trial of adult asthma self-management, following a hospital outpatient nurse(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure both peripheral and central autonomic function in patients newly diagnosed with type II diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Measurements were made on 49 diabetic patients (8 with long-standing diabetes and neuropathic complications, 41 with newly diagnosed type II diabetes) and on 49 healthy, age- and sex-matched, control subjects.(More)
Objectives-The main objective was to study the acute vascular effects in the hands of normal healthy subjects of a complex vibration spectrum similar to that generated by many industrial hand held tools. The effects ofrepeated bouts of vibrations and alterations in the intensity ofvibration were also studied. Methods-Blood flow was measured by venous(More)
We have constructed a physical map of the human genome by using a panel of 90 whole-genome radiation hybrids (the TNG panel) in conjunction with 40,322 sequence-tagged sites (STSs) derived from random genomic sequences as well as expressed sequences. Of 36,678 STSs on the TNG radiation hybrid map, only 3604 (9.8%) were absent from the unassembled draft(More)
Measurements were made on 46 pairs of riveters and matched control subjects before and after a morning's work. Before starting work, the mean resting finger systolic pressure was 112 (SEM 3.3) mm Hg in the riveters, similar to 117 (1.7) in the control subjects. After cooling the middle phalanx to 10 degrees C for five minutes, 16 riveters but only one(More)
Since vibration white finger (VWF) became a prescribed industrial disease in 1985, objective testing for the diagnosis and grading of the severity ofthe condition has become desirable. Measurements have been made offinger blood flow and finger systolic pressure before and after cold challenge in 22 healthy control subjects and 34 men presenting for medical(More)