Judit Szabó

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Generally, toxoplasmosis has mild symptoms, or is asymptomatic, in patients with intact immune system. The infection, however, may have serious consequences in immunodeficient or immunosuppressed patients, as well as in the off-springs of pregnant women. If the mother has acute toxoplasmosis during the pregnancy, the passage of parasites through the(More)
BACKGROUND Diplopia identifies patients with eye muscle involvement in Graves' ophthalmopathy (GO). OBJECTIVE To identify clinical parameters that could eliminate the need for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess the activity of inflammation in the eye muscles of GO patients with diplopia. METHODS In 43 patients with GO with recently developed(More)
Some authors recently suggested a significant increase in the target dose of radioiodine treatment in Graves' disease. The aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of thyroid gland mass on the success rate of radioiodine treatment. For this purpose, the thyroid function of 105 consecutive Graves' patients was assessed 6 and 12 months after a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the iodine nutritional status and the prevalence of goitre during pregnancy in a region of Hungary that appeared to be iodine sufficient in previous studies. DESIGN A cross-sectional voluntary screening study was organized in which 313 pregnant women participated. METHODS Urine iodine concentration and the volume of the thyroid gland(More)
BACKGROUND Toxoplasma gondii infection of the fetus can only be discovered or prevented by the appropriate serological screening and subsequent treatment of the mother and her offspring. In Hungary, there is no obligatory toxoplasma screening for pregnant women and both the reporting and follow-up of congenital toxoplasmosis cases is limited. In 1987 we(More)
Over the past few years increasing evidence has suggested the nongenomic effects of thyroid hormone, such as the activation of the signal transduction pathways and the activation of nuclear factor-kappaB by the induction of oxidative stress. The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of thyroid hormone on human polymorphonuclear leukocytes(More)
In the present study the signal transduction of the formyl-Met-Leu-Phe receptor was studied in granulocytes obtained from control subjects and patients with elevated low density lipoprotein levels. According to our results, 10 nm formyl-Met-Leu-Phe in control cells activates phospholipase C inducing a pronounced inositol phosphate production followed by a(More)
The significance of PDE2 on the atrial inotropy was studied in eu- and hyperthyroidism. The contractile force was measured and negative inotropic capacity of N6-cyclopentyladenosine (CPA) was determined on left atria isolated from 8-day thyroxine- or solvent-treated guinea pigs, in the presence or absence of EHNA (adenosine deaminase and PDE2 inhibitor) or(More)
Exposure to 50 Hz magnetic field (MF) was evaluated in 31 multi-level apartment buildings with built-in step-down transformer stations. In each building, three apartments were selected: one apartment located immediately above the transformer room (index apartment), one located on the same floor and one on a higher floor. The mean value of measured MFs was(More)