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There is an urgent need to develop novel approaches to vaccination against the emerging, highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses. Here, we engineered influenza viral-like particles (Flu-VLPs) derived from retroviral core particles that mimic the properties of the viral surface of two highly pathogenic influenza viruses of either H7N1 or H5N1 antigenic(More)
[Tyr-3,5-3H]1, D-Ala2, Leu5-enkephalin [( 3H]DALA) was used for labeling the opioid receptors of rat brain plasma membranes. The labeled ligand was prepared from [Tyr-3,5-diiodo]1, D-Ala2, Leu5-enkephalin by catalytic reductive dehalogenation in the presence of Pd catalyst. The resulting [Tyr-3,5-3H]1, D-Ala2, Leu5-enkephalin had a specific activity of 37.3(More)
We report here spectroscopic and biochemical data of a novel series of sugar-modified oligodeoxy-nucleotides, the carbocyclic oligothymidylates, c(dT)3-20. In c(dT)n a methylene group has been substituted for the oxygen atom of the deoxyribose ring of the natural thymidylate unit. c(dT)10-20 form helical structures, in contrast with oligothymidylates or(More)
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