Judit Horváth

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We developed a set of prototype cation-exchange column packings that are based on a hydrophilic coated, pellicular polymeric support with a grafted tentacular surface chemistry that is highly suited to resolving closely related protein variants. These column packings (1) afford minimal band spreading in conjunction with extremely high selectivity, (2)(More)
Chemical reaction-diffusion patterns often serve as prototypes for pattern formation in living systems, but only two isothermal single-phase reaction systems have produced sustained stationary reaction-diffusion patterns so far. We designed an experimental method to search for additional systems on the basis of three steps: (i) generate spatial bistability(More)
17-Iodo-delta 16 steroids undergo selective dimerization and carbonylative dimerization in the presence of palladium catalysts in dimethylformamide which result in 16-17'-coupled dienes and 17-carboxylic anhydrides, respectively. Moderate to good yields have been obtained for both types of dimers.
Synergetic chemomechanical oscillators represent a fundamentally new class of oscillators, where a clock reaction, owning no oscillatory chemical kinetics, generates shrinking-swelling cycles in a chemoresponsive gel under appropriate fixed nonequilibrium boundary conditions. Sufficiently large size-changes are a condition for continually switching between(More)
Many pattern developments in nature are believed to result from the interplay between self-activated (bio)chemical processes and the diffusive transport of constituents. Though the details are difficult to work out, the relevance of reaction-diffusion processes is widely accepted in many aspects of biological development. Due to their easier manipulation(More)
In this report we present an experimental study on the spatiotemporal dynamics of the iodate-sulfite-ferrocyanide and the iodate-sulfite-thiourea systems. Both systems are capable of producing nontrivial reaction-diffusion patterns when they are operated in a one-side-fed open spatial reactor. An important parameter of these types of reactors is the time(More)
The palladium-catalyzed coupling of various 17-iodo-delta 16 steroids (17-iodo-androst-16-ene, 17-iodo-4-methyl-4-aza-androst-16-en-3-one, and 17-iodo-4-aza-androst-16-en-3-one) with dialkyl phosphites (dimethyl phosphite, diethyl phosphite, and diisopropyl phosphite) was examined in detail. The only successful condition for homogeneous coupling involved(More)
Thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions of poly[(vinyl alcohol)-co-(vinyl sulfate)] (PVAS) copolymer polyelectrolytes with divalent transition metal (Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II)) counterions have been determined by the gel deswelling method in the concentration range of 0.0005-0.12 mol of counterion/kg of water (0.09-9 w/w% of the polymer). The(More)
Direct and carbonylative coupling reactions of various steroid derivatives possessing iodo- and bromo-alkenyl moiety (17-iodo-androst-16-ene, 1, 17-bromoandrost-2,16-diene, 2, 17-iodo-4-aza-4-methylandrost-16-en-3-one, 3, 17-iodo-4-azaandrost-16-en-3-one, 4) with vinyltributylstannane and ethynyltributylstannane were carried out in the presence of various(More)