Judit Hamar

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The paper gives an overview of the Yoto project, a novel e-learning initiative to build up an electrical engineering knowledge base. It also presents a new e-module of the project relating to the steady-state operation of DC-DC converters. The multimedia rich module contains numerous interactive tools promoting the high level education in the academy sector(More)
The basic objective of the current paper is to present a remote laboratory for a combined solar-energy system. The system generates electrical energy as well as heat energy. The remote laboratory facilitates the Internet-based access to the electrical and thermal parameters during the operation of the system. Even external intervention to operation is(More)
The paper describes a new agent-based, decentralized architecture and control for parallel dc-dc converters, supplying low and moderate power consumers in the range of 0-250W. The system provides increased flexibility with autonomic system reconstruction capability in the case of misoperation or fault, significantly contributing to the increase of(More)
The paper presents a novel approach to efficiency optimization applied to modular DC/DC converters. It consists of using several identical converters in parallel, turning on just as many of them as needed and operating them with maximum efficiency, while leaving only one of them working in a suboptimal operating point. The conditions for switching on or off(More)
The paper summarises some of the key findings of research on the macro and microeconomic effects of FDI, the impact of the MNCs on development, industrial and trade restructuring, and presents a first attempt to draw a map of industrial networks in Hungary. It answers the question whether the rapidly increasing presence of the MNCs did, and will, increase(More)
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