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Human infants grow up in environments populated by artifacts. In order to acquire knowledge about different kinds of human-made objects, children have to be able to focus on the information that is most relevant for sorting artifacts into categories. Traditional theories emphasize the role of superficial, perceptual features in object categorization. In the(More)
According to our recent observation the patients can be divided into two groups of therapy. In group I. the patients with elevated TCD values and either low or high ICP reacting to LLD. We consider that haemodilution and moderate hypervolaemia should dominate in the triple H therapy. In group II patients having high ICP with TCD and/or symptomatic vasospasm(More)
Preliminary experience with 150 consecutive cases of ruptured cerebral aneurysms operated on within 48 hours is reported. The rationale of this emergency procedure is to prevent early rerupture and also to prevent neurological ischaemic consequences of the subarachnoid haemorrhage likely to develop in the first week after a rupture. The acceptable outcome(More)
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