Judit Feliu

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In the past twenty years much efforts have been devoted to the development of ontologies and term bases for different fields. All this work has been done separately or with slight integration. The GENOMA-KB is a project whose main aim is to integrate, at least, both resources. In this paper, most relevant aspects of the project are presented. Each module is(More)
Ontology, usually understood as a particular representation of a given domain, will become an essential item in the information retrieval system we aim to build. Our research activities are developed on the communicative terminology framework, that is, we mainly deal with units effectively contained in specialized discourse. Bearing in mind this theoretical(More)
We intend to describe the tagger EtiqueLex and ExtracTerm, an extractor for Portuguese language. The results, that we consider rather satisfactory, obtained from the running of these two products are, in part, a direct consequence of the establishing of rigorous criteria as far as selecting the texts is concerned. On the other hand, the identification, from(More)
The main goal of this paper is to present a first approach to an automatic detection of conceptual relations between two terms in specialised written text. Previous experiments on the basis of the manual analysis lead the authors to implement an automatic query strategy combining the term candidates proposed by an extractor together with a list of verbal(More)
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