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We describe 10 patients with a previously unreported, to our knowledge, association of multiple sclerosis and unusual vitamin B12 deficiency. The clinical features and the age at presentation were typical of multiple sclerosis, with eight cases occurring before age 40 years, which is a rare age for vitamin B12 deficiency. Nine patients had hematologic(More)
Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord due to vitamin B12 deficiency invariably has been associated with a low serum vitamin B12 level. We describe a young man who presented with a unique syndrome of subacute combined degeneration associated with high serum vitamin B12 level, low red blood cell vitamin B12 level, and an abnormal plasma vitamin(More)
The metaplastic polyp is a non-neoplastic epithelial lesion found within the human colorectum. Although not regarded as precancerous, recent studies have demonstrated the expression of multiple cancer-associated phenotypes. This might indicate a possible indirect relationship between metaplastic polyps and colorectal cancer. Epithelial secretory component(More)
Histochemical techniques reveal the functional divergence of carcinomas of the gastrointestinal tract and their tissues of origin. The principal changes are either the impairment or loss of normal functions or the acquisition of new functions. The latter may be those of heterologous adult tissues (metaplasia) or foetal tissues. Dysplasia or intra-epithelial(More)
  • Judit Faludy
  • 2015
The Psychiatric Institutes have supported the different forms of self-expression from the very beginning, sometimes realizing therapeutic goals as well. Under this point theatrical phenomenon was held too. Physicians often created such scenic actions themselves. The visual, pictorial expressions have begun to be shown parallel to the representation of such(More)
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